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1981 Monte Carlo Sport Coupe (Turbo)


   This car is an ALL ORIGINAL, 1981 Monte Carlo Sport Coupe (Turbo). It was owned and maintained by my father, who recently passed away. It is powered by the (LC8 3.8 L, 4-BBL Turbo Charged V6). In speaking to Chevrolet, they report that only 3,028 Monte Carlo's were made with the turbo that year. This car was garaged winters, and is in mint condition. The only change made to the vehicle was to add Keystone Raider Mags, and a Pioneer sound system. He kept all of the papers, including the original order form, window sticker showing all the options, and all of the receipts showing service performed on the car. He also had Chevy's 1981 Monte Carlo brochure showing the complete line and all the options available that year. He even kept a paper trail of all mileage, fuel fill-ups, oil changes and trips he made which show that the majority of the 33,300 miles on the car were accumulated on day trips. This was his special car used only on special occasions. Enjoy the pictures below, and please leave your comments on the Monte Carlo Discussion Board, or e-mail me at


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